Christina + Tamar met like many other people would, at a work event, and an instant connection was made.  After years of friendship and experiences, they both knew they needed to further indulge their artistic sides.  Having both come from careers with creative backgrounds (and growing up in the same type of environment), they knew they needed to channel their passion into a project of their own.  And thus Olive + Bird was born, offering linens for the modern babe.  It is about bridging the essential pieces that children need with the beautiful touches everyone wants to inject into their lives.  There is that innocence and excitement in children that they love and want to capture in their products.  They take the idea of a classic quilt and add a modern touch with quality fabrics, beautiful patterns and exceptional quilting techniques.
They take passion in each piece and work together from the concept to the final product...each adding their own touch.  These quilts make an excellent gift for new babes or an essential piece to update any babe’s nursery. With customizing available, these quilts are a piece to cherish for years to come.

Christina was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Her entrepreneur father and artist mother instilled in her a love of art and an independent spirit. After graduating from design school, Christina worked in the Brazilian fashion industry before moving to NYC in the early 2000’s. Since that move to the states, Christina has applied her design talents in a variety of media - including film, television, interior design, visual merchandising, and couture fashion. Her loves include, the smell of coffee and cinnamon buns, flowers, art, photography, anything design-related, the smile on peoples faces when they taste her food and her son’s laughter.

Tamar was raised in NYC by two creative parents who encouraged and exposed her to art, design, music and world culture. She’s been working as a professional graphic designer in the fashion industry for the past 10 years, giving her an appetite and desire to work with interiors, textiles, photography, design… anything that promotes and benefits from an individual touch.  This desire has only fueled her further, helping her to hone her point of view and find a voice in this exhilarating world. Her loves include flea markets, interior design, cooking, new magazines, helvetica, pencils, good & cheap eats, her bicycle, the color pink, traveling, and the smell of leather.

Together we are Olive + Bird.